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Steve Hunt on hiking bench

Can you name this world champion sailor on the Hike Pro? (click)

If you were going to design the best available hiking bench, so that it was easily transportable, affordable, and delivered the best hiking workout for dinghy sailing, what would it look like?

Meet the Hike Pro by Just Marine. It travels easily, it assembles quickly, and it offers features other hiking benches do not.

Key Features

  • Dynamic hiking workout
  • Easy, fast assembly
  • No tools required
  • Transportable
  • No maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adjustable
  • Fun to use
  • Affordable

The Dynamic Hiking Trainer

Hike Pro is not like the static hiking benches you’ve built or used for building abdominal, oblique, and quadricep strength and endurance. Instead, it is a dynamic, moving object, engineered to be the world’s best training bench for sailors who hike out.


What Makes This Hiking Bench Different?

  1. This is not a static hiking bench, nor is it your grandpa’s rocking chair, though it has similarities to both. Energy you put into hiking rocks the Hike Pro. That dynamic rocking simulates flattening the boat. It lets you know how hard you are hiking–or not hiking hard enough.
  2. Collapses / assembles in about 30 seconds, NO tools required. Easily move it out of the living / TV room when done. You can just slide it under a couch or bed.
  3. It has a padded seat so you don't need pads to replicate hiking on the boat.
  4. Double mainsheets. This takes some load off, as when you are really sailing, and also provides an arm work out. Usually suggest pulling with alternate arms to simulate sailing on one tack for a while and then tacking.
  5. The design emulates the profile of a Laser, among the most brutal of all the hiking classes. Hike Pro training will improve your hiking in all sailing dinghies.
  6. Seven resistance settings to allow for different user sizes or weights. Adjustment can be quickly changed.
  7. It’s made from a resilient, durable plastic so it is not very heavy like many other benches.


Winning Sailors Like Hike Pro

Here are remarks by accomplished sailors who use and recommend this dynamic, portable hiking bench. Read comments from Steve Hunt and Chris Barnard below.


Steve Hunt on hiking bench

Steve Hunt, PLHS sailing coach

Steve Hunt, Point Loma High School sailing coach, multi-time national and world champion sailor, contributes monthly to Ask the Experts in Sailing World magazine. He has coached the Pointers sailing team for eight years. Among their accomplishments, they won the 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014 ISSA Team Race National Championship (aka the Baker Trophy), and 2014 Doublehanded Team Racing National Championship (aka the Mallory Trophy). You are welcome to visit their Facebook page.

Hike Pro hiking bench is an excellent tool to improve your sailing performance.

Steve Hunt


hiking out in Laser

Chris Barnard 2012 Laser N.A. Champion

I recently added the Hike Pro hiking bench to my World Championship and Olympic training campaign. Hiking benches are a necessity for any sailor serious about competing in the Laser and other hiking classes at a high level. The Hike Pro has taken hiking benches to a completely new level. Through its rocking dynamic, it simulates flattening the Laser and provides a guide to how hard I am working out. Being able to collapse and assemble it in less than 30 seconds makes it very convenient to store after use; it’s portable so I can take it with me as I travel the world campaigning.Chris Barnard

Here is a sample of Chris Barnard’s sailing rèsumè

  • Laser N.A. Champion 2012
  • Collegiate Sailor of the Year 2012
  • Three–time Collegiate All–American
  • Olympic Campaign – Brazil 2016


Hiking Hard is Crucial

Winning dinghy sailors acknowledge that hiking with gusto and endurance is crucial when necessary. Read what two–time Olympian and 2013 College Sailor of the Year Juan Maegli says about hiking out.

Take a peek

One thing I do a lot that I’m always surprised that other people don’t do as much is hiking bench. Especially while I’m at college and not sailing the Laser that much for long periods of time, I do a lot of hiking bench—probably five or six times a week … if you can do a few sets here and there, it’s very helpful.Juan Maegli, 2013 College Sailor of the Year

Laser coach for the Australian Sailing Team, Michael Blackburn, Ph.D., describes hiking bench training as highly relevant to dinghy sailing success.

Your improved hiking stamina from hiking bench training will let you concentrate more on strategy and tactics.



Click to lots of Hike Pro hiking bench photos.


screen capture of hiking bench

The dynamic hiking bench

Watch the Hike Pro video.

Weights and Measures

Hiking Bench Specifications

Weight25 lbs.
Weight (metric)11.3 kg
Dimensions58 x 19 x 9 inches
Dimensions (metric)1450 x 475 x 225 mm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click to answers to frequently asked questions about the hiking bench.

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