Hike Pro™ Video – Dynamic Hiking Bench Explained

screen capture of hiking bench

The dynamic hiking bench

The Hike Pro revolutionizes hiking bench training by providing a dynamic hiking workout which closely emulates sail training in a dinghy on the water. Even if you can't launch your dinghy for every opportunity to train, you can easily hop on the hiking bench and build those hiking muscles! Read up on the hiking bench, see photos, watch the video and buy below. Continue reading

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New Hiking Bench in Town

Steve Hunt on hiking bench

Can you name this world champion sailor on the Hike Pro? (click)

If you were going to design the best available hiking bench, so that it was easily transportable, affordable, and delivered the best hiking workout for dinghy sailing, what would it look like?

Meet the Hike Pro by Just Marine. It travels easily, it assembles quickly, and it offers features other hiking benches do not.

Key Features

  • Dynamic hiking workout
  • Easy, fast assembly
  • No tools required
  • Transportable
  • No maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adjustable
  • Fun to use
  • Affordable
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